Your Guide to Waichin Valley- Himachal

Hey guys ! It’s been along time since I have shared anything here and hence there is a lot of information piling up. As much as I love traveling to new places, I also enjoy sharing the same with you guys to help in planning your own adventure.

The year is almost coming to an end and I must tell you that am extremely satisfied with how 2018 turned out for me.

Let me keep that information for another post where I’ll be sharing about all the places I have explored this year. One of those places had been Waichin valley in Himachal. The place is etched in my mind so perfectly and it makes for a perfect getaway from Delhi.

Now we all must have heard of Malana village, which is quite famous for it’s charas and attracts hashish lovers. For those who have no idea, this beautiful village is situated in the North East Kullu range. An untouched village with stunning landscape. Even if you’re not a hashish lover, go there to enjoy the beautiful view and fresh air.

But today I won’t be sharing about this village but another one which is further ahead from Malana. A complete paradise and away from crowd cause many people have not heard of this place. Waichin valley was suggested by a friend and I was hearing about it for the first time. I agreed instantly and started planning the trip.

How to Reach ???

Take bus for Manali from Delhi ISBT and get down at Bhuntar. From Bhuntar there are regular buses plying towards Jari village. Once you reach Jari, book a taxi for Waichin starting point.

The taxi will drop you at the Dam from where you have to walk further to reach the valley. It’s a distance of around 2.5 kms and can be covered easily without requiring anyone’s help. Path is easy to follow. The initial leg of the trail runs parallel to the river which makes it more fascinating.

Waichin Valley trail with river flowing parallel

Where to stay ???

Once you reach the village, there are a lot of options varying from camps to homesteads. You can take your pick. A tent overlooking the valley with a panoramic view of snow capped mountains or just dangle your legs from one of the homestay rooms with view of river flowing beneath you.

If the isolation isn’t enough for you , there is a lone homestay further atop. You can choose to stay here where the first morning light will hit you revealing the secrets of valley magically.

I am not kidding when I say that this house had my heart. Wait, let me show you guys how beautiful it was.

The lone house in Waichin valley

Imagine yourself sitting there with a hot cup of coffee/tea, whatever soothes your soul and basking in the sunlight. We climbed up early in the morning to enjoy the view.

What to do ???

Honestly !!!! Just let your soul heal. Away from technology, office, work, managers, deadlines, goals . Just be there in that moment and relax. If you would like to smoke up ask your hotel/homestay/campsite guy and he’ll arrange it for you.

Look around, stroll purposelessly, sit around a bonfire at night, gorge up on rajma chawal, look at the stars and talk your heart out. Feel it all cause it’s a place where conversations flow easily.

You can even have a game or two of cricket with locals.

First glimpse of the Valley after 2.5 kms of hike.

Why waichin ???

Are you still going to ask me that question !!!

Go there to relax your soul and mind.

Get some fresh air, it’s getting rarer each day.

Admire stupendous view.

Bliss for those who seek solitude.

And please don’t litter the place when you go ! Bring your own water bottles, fill them up with fresh water streams. And don’t forget to carry your garbage(wrappers, poly bags etc) back with you to the city.

Lastly , one more picture just to give you one final push 🙂

Pretty landscapes on the trail

Let me know if you need any help in planning further.

Happy Traveling guys !!!

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  1. Very well explained👏

  2. Thanks Mughloo for adding my pictures with you in the blog !
    and thanks for taking me there 🙂

    1. Love you nuppe !! 🙂

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