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Megha Goel

Social Media &

Influencer Marketing


I am an expert in social media marketing with a particular focus on influencers and customer acquisition. My forte is delivering authentic, persuasive, customized campaign content based on KPIs, creative approaches, and influencer prompts. I am known for my ability to create social media playbooks helping brands establish a strong social media presence, grow organic communities, and maximize campaign impact through data-driven social strategies.

My Work


Blush - Social Media
& Influencer Strategist

I have successfully redefined Blush's social strategy, amplifying it across social channels and building a meaningful community.  In the post-Covid era, the sexual wellness industry reflected an altered narrative, and I seized the opportunity to invigorate it with a fresh, progressive and elevated approach.

Click on any project below for full case study details, including engagements and overall campaign performance.

Launch Strategies & Playbooks

Defining the brand's identity & social presence from the ground up!

Request Playbook/ strategy decks and get a behind-the-scenes look at success!

Social Media

Launch Strategy


Copywriting & Blogging

Blogging isn't about a few paragraphs of pithy copy and images. It's a powerful form of content creation for expressing ideas, building a community, and driving sales.

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