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Helping brands connect with their audience, authentically. 

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Clarity, the only goal.

A pen, what’s it for? Be it a ball pen, fountain pen, or a felt tip colored pen, sure, pens allow you to write on a surface. But what’s it really for?

Pens to tear a plastic package? Well, you can, but you could find sharper alternates. You might damage the tip, which might make it less effective for the real job.

Pens as a bookmark? Why not? But boarding passes make the ultimate bookmarks!

Pens to scratch the back? Possibly, yes!

While all this seems obvious, let’s ask the same question about me, my writing, and this website. What’s it for?

It need not be all-purpose or exactly the same use as others. It simply needs to do the job you need it to do better than any other alternate. 

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Campaign Management 

 Branding   Blogging  SEO

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While you’ll know more about my work as you click through the site, let me quickly introduce myself and tell you a handful of things you won’t be able to learn otherwise. I fell in love with writing as a young girl flipping through magazines and watching advertisements on TV. An introverted child, I spent a lot of time observing and imagining things, often finding ways of bringing them to life through doodling and writing. Over time, this gave me a sense of confidence in asserting my opinions out loud. Pursuing a career in journalism further brought me across myriads of people every day. These characters, cultures, lives, and stories fuel my creativity and bring realism into my writing.

On weekends, you’ll find me swinging drinks at my home bar or making words with my nerdy knowledge on the scrabble board. 

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Be it a 280 character tweet or a 2500 word white paper; I have proven ability to engage with my audience. 

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