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Hairscripts, Untangling Our Identity

Client: HairScripts

Clouds of steam filled the room every Sunday while ‘Never Too Much' played in the background. Mom tried hard to tame my tangled knots while I complained in pain louder than before each time the hot brush ran through my strands. My Saturdays were all about running the potato sack race with the sound of jingling beads in my ears. Greasing, relaxing, and painting edges took most of my time every Sunday, sometimes leaving my scalp flaked. Edges have a whole new meaning in our lives. We have grown up petting those strands that grew on the periphery of our faces, jamming and greasing them—snatching them too, of course! Intricately locked, perfectly pinned, silky relaxers or naturally flirty hair- strands that you once grabbed need to pave their way to fashion magazines and everyday life alike. Hair is such an essential part of how we show up and express our styles.

Sis! It’s time to untangle our true identities. It’s time to embrace and enhance the natural texture. It’s time we redefine beauty. Beauty knows no 3C, 4A, 4C. It does not know relaxed flowy hair or snatched edges or curls. To be YOU is to be beautiful. To feel important is beautiful. To appreciate our strands, to give them the attention and love they deserve is what will make you beautiful. Our hair reflects our stories, and we should be able to share our stories out loud with pride confidently. --Perhaps, this is what will make us beautiful.

Hey honey home-girl, you are not alone in this. Here we are, HairScripts. We are known to have luxurious tresses, but we are also no strangers to hair loss. For the longest time, we’ve needed access to hair solutions but in vain. And voila, we finally have a key made just for you.

HairSripts was conceived with a simple idea to solve an existing crisis. We decided to dive deeper into the problem to find the best solution to healthy natural hair. We believe that we should thrive in our skin, be it a simple wash-and-go or experimenting with protective styles. HairScripts’ all-natural vegan products are created with ‘you’ in mind. Our products are free of parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, sulfates, and dyes. Each of our products is designed to balance your follicles’ pH and stimulate growth, reverse hair loss, and reduce inflammation.

Is HairScripts another range of hair care products? I hear you ask. Well, sis, HairScripts is a canvas of ‘our’ life experiences. We are a one-stop solution for your hair problems. HairScripts is a family of like minds sharing their stories and experiences. We also have a Virtual Clinic where we connect you to professional experts. We aim to help you boost your confidence and bring out your real identity.

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