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Licious, Born To Meat

The Ask Launch a campaign for Licious’s new ready-to-cook product, Chicken 65 (marinated meat), positioning it to be a kitchen must-have owing to the easiness of cooking without effort. The goal was to increase customer engagement to increase awareness of the new line of marinade. Also, to reach a quarter-end sales goal.

The Approach I decided to ditched celebrities and bring in real people aka nano influencers who were also existing customers of the brand. This was to bring an element of authenticity into the campaign by engaging with the customers to launch the campaign. Incorporating the brand messaging that celebrates the meat enthusiast, the idea was to launch the product through many existing customers and announce them as ambassadors. This would help us reach new customer segments and increase sales by creating FOMO.

The Campaign The campaign ‘Licious Brand Ambassador’ launched with a blog post and video announcing Licious seeking for brand ambassadors to launch the product with a list of fun criteria. The prerequisites to participate were being a meat enthusiast, i.e., an existing customer, and being a socialist by engaging with a series of question posts, leading to increased social engagement. Five customers would qualify were chosen to be brand ambassadors of the brand and launch the product through their social media channels. Additionally, the product package would feature the five ambassadors.

The Strategy Included fun, humorous, sharable content to amplify engagement and create FOMO on social. Each ambassador/ nano influencer was picked to represent the diverse target audience, IT professionals, fitness enthusiasts, busy professionals to homemakers. They engaged in creating relevant content (videos, live, and posts) that showcased the package, taste, quality, and easiness of cooking, introducing the new product. Every piece of content had the goal of inspiring meat enthusiasts for years to come. A pre-order landing page helped customers to book the product a day in advance.

The Result The customer-centric approach helped build trust and loyalty. A pre-launch buzz via customers aka nano influencers, helped widen the reach on organic social. Pre-orders via the landing page and overall sales of the Chicken 65 marinade during the campaign surpassed estimated sales, the campaign saw 7% increase in sales than any other launches. The campaign was featured in MMM’s 10 campaigns that broke through the creative rut of 2018.

By leveraging the authenticity of existing customers as brand ambassadors, creating engaging content, and generating FOMO through social media, the "Licious Brand Ambassador" campaign will successfully increase customer engagement, raise awareness of the new Chicken 65 marinade, and drove sales for Licious thus indicating a successful 'top to bottom of the funnel' influencer marketing campaign.

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