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Unibet US: New Casino & Sportsbook App Launch

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Building Brand Awareness and User Acquisition

The Ask A influencer marketing campaign to build brand awareness of the new and improved Unibet app with the primary goal of increasing user acquisition and unique depositors after app downloads.

The Approach Instagram and Twitch ware the primary platform for the campaign, knowing that a video-centric approach would work best for the brand’s goals. My approach was to launch a Hyper-local Influencer Campaign, thanks to the improved geo-targeting technology.

We know how community rallies around hometown teams. Banking on this shared excitement, the collective pride and capturing that same community spirit and sentiment, made this campaign successful. Influencer content tailored to audience's locality and behaviors helped reach the right people, at the right time with the right messaging.

Each influencer created original Instagram Reels, and Instagram Stories that introduced the brand’s service with a quick, easily-digestible overview of the new and improved app features, how it was better and why they love the new app. Campaign information was shared in the influencers’ natural (and expected) storytelling styles, tailored to audience's locality and behaviors, ensuring that the targeted audiences would receive relevant messaging that would not stand out as an insincere advertisement. Video content gave the opportunity for creators to bring the apps to life, either showing or explaining how they work. Influencers incorporated strong call to action with unique links to click through to a unique landing page on Unibet's site to learn more about the features, compare the features with competitive brands and download the app.

The most well-received post was an IG reel that captured an influencer winning $1200 for a $110 wager. The video captured the audience’s attention. This top-performing social content was amplified with a paid social strategy to extend the overall campaign reach with additional target audiences.

Why a Hyper-local Influencer Campaign?

Who better than a local influencer who is a team fan, enjoys betting on his favorite spots team but is also deeply rooted in the community's unique culture? This influencer can do more than just snap/ capture app screengrabs and photos; they can authentically engage with their followers in a way that resonates, using local lingo and highlighting nuances that tap into audience traditions and behaviors.

In this way, the campaign becomes more than just a mere promotion — it’s storytelling that feels like home.

Local influencers (influencers with a 70%+ following in the targeted location) bring a unique kind of magic that expansive, global campaigns often overlook; they have the unique ability to tell your brand's story in a way that hits home for their community.

For instance, leveraging Christian Crosby's (launching the unibet app in PA) and Alexandra Giamo's (launching the app in NJ) content, resulted in a spike in conversions. But we did not only rely on macro influencers! Here's where it gets even better, using geo targeted nano influencers was successful too. Not only did local influencers offer more budget-friendly rates, but the higher engagement levels also got us robust ROI. With geo-targeting, even these smaller local influencer delivered a sizeable and relevant audience.

Speaking of geo targeting, Tagger's dashboard upped the ante by locating influencers based on their own demographics, including location.

So the next time you're considering an influencer campaign, trying the local approach can make a bigger impact. By going hyper local with nano influencers, you save on cost, tap into a niche audience, build authentic relationship with the targeted community that is your most loyal customer base.

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