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Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Launch of the Paperboy app

The Ask:

Brand Awareness and social media amplification of the newly launched Paperboy app, introducing it to the target audience as a convenient platform to access digital versions of newspapers and magazines. The secondary goal was to acquire new users.

The Approach:

We targeted Facebook and Twitter for this campaign. With the campaign, we introduced the Paperboy app to the Indian market, leveraging strategic messaging and widespread online outreach. We targeted the youth and tech-savvy audience by tapping into their psychology, social dynamics, and desire to be part of something meaningful. By creating a pledge and asking reshares with the hashtag #PowerThroughPaperboy, we planned to prompt a simple yet powerful way for them to express their support for the Paperboy app and the campaign's messaging, driving engagement and potentially leading to a higher rate of app downloads and usage.

The campaign started with a soft launch, gradually building momentum and culminating in a crescendo. This approach allowed for sustained engagement and anticipation leading up to the app's official launch.

To create a sense of community and commitment to the cause, a pledge was introduced, urging people to commit to reading newspapers and magazines digitally through Paperboy. The pledge resonated with users who valued sustainability and convenience.

Eye-catching graphics and influencer/ celebrity tweets were deployed to create a buzz.

The hashtag #PowerThroughPaperboy was strategically chosen to drive conversations, encourage user-generated content, and facilitate viral spread.

Massive Online Outreach: We targeted and coordinated efforts to reach a broad audience, utilizing multiple social media channels and engaging with influencers, bloggers, and news outlets.

Localized Content: Tailored content was created for specific regions to ensure the campaign's resonance across India.

Results: The #PowerThroughPaperboy campaign proved to be a resounding success, achieving the following key metrics:

  • Pledge Participation: Approximately 1000+ people pledged to read newspapers digitally through the Paperboy app, showcasing strong community involvement.

  • Online Reach: The campaign reached a staggering 760k users across various social media platforms.

  • Trending Nationally: #PowerThroughPaperboy trended nationally for almost 2 hours on one of the busiest days, significantly increasing the campaign's visibility and reach.

  • Twitter Engagement: 6000 tweets were generated, leading to a reach of 4.6 million and 46 million impressions across India, sparking widespread conversations about Paperboy.

  • Facebook Impact: The campaign achieved 6X reach on FB, indicating a high level of interest and engagement doubled.

Conclusion: The #PowerThroughPaperboy launch campaign successfully introduced the Paperboy app to the Indian market, leveraging strategic messaging and widespread online outreach. The strong community involvement through pledges, impressive social media statistics, and the trending hashtag all contributed to a highly impactful and memorable launch.

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